Friday, January 4, 2013

primarily aesthetically driven

about someone who’s goal is primarily aesthetically driven

I don’t see them as being much different from an athlete. Everybody bends, squats,
lifts, carries, steps-up, etc. The only difference is that we’re not preparing them
specifically for any particular event. The principles remain the same. Strengthen
them from the middle outward. Restore normal mobility where needed and then
increase work capacity. Why are most folks fat aside from crappy eating habits?
Low work capacity/GPP.
That means the early stages of the my “fitness clients” revolves around body weight
calisthenic circuits, dumbbell complexes, interval training, etc. On some level this
remains a component of the fitness program regardless of the client’s level of training
The only time I would reduce emphasis on work capacity/GPP is when someone’s
primary goal is to increase muscle mass. Too high a level or work capacity makes it
difficult to hang on to muscle mass. Take a marathon runner for instance. Very high
work capacity. Very little muscle. At the other end of the spectrum you have a
super-heavyweight powerlifter.